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HostedDatabase.com is a web-hosted application and custom database facility providing a quick, easy-to-use, and cost-effective service for creating and accessing business data content on the web. HostedDatabase.com caters to two distinct groups of customers:

Web-Hosted Application Customers

  • Use one or more of our business application software templates instantly using our Click-N-Run wizard process. You create your own private web application and configure it for your business, all in just minutes.
  • No desktop application software to buy. HostedDatabase.com offers 100% browser based web applications. You can use any contemporary web browser to access your business data.
  • No need to purchase and install software updates ever again. We publish new releases to our software for all our customers at once, so you just sit back and enjoy the new features as they become available.
  • We plan to release new application templates on a periodic basis, all for the same low monthly per-user seat fee.
  • No need to buy, configure, and maintain a local area network (LAN). You access HostedDatabase.com applications over the Internet.
  • Unlock your important business data from your desktop PC. Access your applications from any web browser no matter where you are: in the office, at home, on a business trip, on vacation, anywhere in the world.

Web-Hosted Database Customers

  • Create a custom web database in minutes. No database knowledge needed. Just use our point-and-click Web Database Publishing Wizard.
  • Automatically upload your business data. Your data is live on the web quickly and effortlessly.
  • No programming required to attach your database to a new or existing website.
  • No expensive server database software to buy or install.
  • No costly multiple licenses for desktop application software.
  • No extra costs for installation, configuration, maintenance, upgrades, or help desk.
  • Easily operates within the boundaries of corporate security and firewalls.
  • Data is secure. Assign users, privileges, and password to your databases.
  • Easily back-up your web database to your desktop PC.
  • No need for a website hosting plan that includes database access.
  • Data collaboration is an effective and powerful means for sharing corporate information.

Account Types and Features

We have two different categories of customer accounts: Application and Database. Application accounts provide access to ALL HostedDatabase.com hosted applications. Database accounts have three types: Standard, Premium, Enterprise. Our Universal account provides access to features for both applications and databases. Each class of account can serve you in different ways. Which account you choose depends on your requirements.

Registering as a new user with HostedDatabase.com provides you with a FREE 30-day trial user account so you can try out all of HostedDatabase.com's features. You can upgrade your account from trial status at any time in order to continue using HostedDatabase.com after the trial period expires. If you do not upgrade your account by the end of the trial period, your account will become inactive. Any applications and/or databases you create will remain intact for 60 days after the trial period expires.

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Account Service Level Pricing Monthly Rate
Application (1 user) $4.95
Application (5 users) $24.75
Application (10 users) $49.50
Application (20 users) $99.00
Application (35 users) $173.25
Application (50 users) $247.50
Application (50+ users) Call Us
Database (Standard account, 2.5MB storage) $4.95
Database (Premium account, 5MB storage) $19.95
Database (Enterprise account, 10MB storage) $39.95
Database (add-on 10MB storage) $10.00
Database (add-on 20MB storage) $18.00
Database (add-on 20MB+ storage) Call Us
Universal subscription accounts Any application level + $39.95

For our database customers, please review the following table which outlines the feature differences between the Standard, Premium, and Enterprise account types.

Database Feature Standard Premium Enterprise
Use a database (HostedDatabase.com account not required) Yes Yes Yes
Create searchable and data entry databases Yes Yes Yes
Link to a database from your website Yes Yes Yes
Private, secure administration for your databases Yes Yes Yes
Upload/Download data and search results in text format Yes Yes Yes
Upload/Download data and search results in XML format No Yes Yes
Upload and download XML data No Yes Yes
Encrypted data entry forms using SSL No Yes Yes
Add a logo and eliminate outside advertisement on your HostedDatabase.com database No Yes Yes
Customize data entry form appearance No Yes Yes
Customize search criteria form appearance No Yes Yes
Use Auto Query Feature No Yes Yes
Create database emails No Yes Yes
E-Mail notification to administrator for new records posted No Yes Yes
Allow users to update their own records No No Yes
Create and assign users for a database No No Yes
Require users to login to database No No Yes
Customize user login form appearance No No Yes
Customize user registration form appearance No No Yes
Assign database and user level access privileges No No Yes
Provide multiple access groups for a database No No Yes
Provide website access security No No Yes

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